COVID-19 Updates

Bazati is dedicated to the safety of our team and guests through this crisis. 

Both of our restaurants and retail shops are adhering to the below strict guidelines recommended by the CDC and National Restaurant Association. 

Bazati Transaction Prevention Practices
  • We have installed an Air Ionizer to our HVAC system which keeps allergens, mold, bacteria, viruses, and VOCs out of our building. The ionization technology effectively destroys contaminants by as much as 99%. We have installed a top of the line model to sanitize the air in both The Brasserie and Estrella Rooftop.

  • We no longer accept cash payments. All payment is through credit/debit card or contactless Apple Pay only

  • All take-out food and beverage is packaged in sealable containers and sealed

  • Curbside Delivery available for guests who do not want to exit their vehicles or enter the building. 

Bazati Employee Prevention Practices
  • All team members are to wear masks during shifts.

  • Employees are washing hands with soap and water for at least 20 seconds and using an alcohol based hand sanitizer that contains 60- 95% alcohol when water and soap are not near.

  • Employees are directed to avoid touching eyes, nose, and mouth with unwashed hands.

  • Our staff receives an infrared temperature reading upon arrival. Any team member with above average (98.6) reading is sent home immediately.

  • Team members will stay home if sick in anyway.

  • Team members are cleaning and disinfecting objects and surfaces that have been touched consistently throughout operating hours (counters, doorknobs, toilets, phones, etc.).

  • Upon opening and closing we disinfect and sanitize all surfaces.

  • At least one employee on duty is Serve-Safe certified at all times

Bazati Guest Contact Prevention Practices
  • All Guests are limited to 6 or less per table

  • All tables are spaced at least 6 feet apart. 

  • No more than 10 guests per 500 sqft permitted on property

  • No standing and drinking permitted. All guests must have designated seat that spaces at a safe 6'+ distance from other parties.

We are proud to say we are Health Protective Services Certified

  • Employee COVID Screening

  • Workplace Sanitation Training

  • Safety Education Courses

  • Monthly Inspections



Director of Operations:

Cindy Brown

Private Event Team:

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550 Somerset Terrace​ NE

Suite 102

Atlanta, GA 30306

*Located in Common Ground Warehouse 

Our walk-up entrance faces the EastSide BeltLine.

We share valet Parking with 

New Realm Brewery and Two Urban Licks. Self-parking also avliable.



The Brasserie

Wed-Thurs: 4PM-9PM

Friday-Sunday: 2PM-10PM

Estrella Rooftop

Wednesday-Friday: 4PM-10PM

Saturday-Sunday: 2PM-10PM

*We do not take reservations for Estrella. 

*Temporary business hours due to COVID-19:

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