[ ba - za - ti ] verb : TO HANG AROUND; TO STAND BY IDLY
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Who We Are



As the founders of Bazati, we’ve lived abroad for many years and in numerous countries. And we see much of the wider world reflected in the Atlanta of today and tomorrow. That’s why we’re delighted to call Atlanta our current home, and recognize Atlanta for the burgeoning, international, and cosmopolitan city that it is. 

BIazati is a refuge to gather and unwind. A coming together of people and ideas, tastes and backgrounds. A place where artisans ply their wares and customers come to relax, enjoy, and experience life together. 

With Bazati—bazati is the Croatian word for ‘lounge around’—we will work to provide for Atlanta and for its people a place that brightens their day and enriches their lives. A community marked by hospitality, graciousness, and generosity. A second home where people come to enjoy their day. 

At Bazati, you find a group of passionate artisans and a staff committed to taking care of your needs. Whether you pop in for a bite to eat or spend several hours dining and drinking and conversing with friends, we provide a memorable experience and expose you to elements of our city that you don’t find around every corner. 

We have created a place where we want to be and where we think others will enjoy being as well. A place that reminds of us some of the great markets of the world. A place committed to good, honest, simple food and drink. A place where simplicity is a virtue. And a place that befits our city and its people. 

We hope you pay us a visit soon.